To download these updated files just log into your account here at the store and click on the aircraft file to download. Delete the old aircraft file before installing the new file to be sure the new update will function correctly.


The following aircraft have been updated:

10-26-17 GA8 Airvan updated with better Fuel Flow display on the instrument panel, more shine to the exterior, and FSE(flight sim economy) file added

10-24-17 Twin Otter updated with some flight model tweaks, instrument panel edits

10-20-17 Stinson At-19 updated with beter float performance for v11, now has 2 seperate ,zip files for v10 and v11, better roll down for windows and door open with a mouse

10-14-17 Piper Aztec updated/upgraded with many new 3D instrument panel parts, new open/closing passenger door with a mouse click on the handle (interior), some new liveries, FSE files, and flight model tweaks

10-12-17 Yakovlev Yak-52 updated with many new custom instruments, 3d model refinements, more sounds, flight model tweaks for v10 and v11, and new liveries added.

04-19-17 ACA Citabria updated with no bar in the front view

04-19-17 ACA Super Decathlon updated with new decals.png and weather.png files to aid in painting new liveries. also the blank_ livery has been adjusted and 3 new liveries have been added.

04-11-17 Super Decathlon updated for v11 and v10 compatibility. also new 3d parts are added.

03-07-17 Cessna 208B updated with new Garmin 430 as standard on all models, flight model tweaks, new interior lights, new night LIT textures

03-05-17 Piper Aztec updated with Garmin 430 standard, new interior lights, new night LIT textures, and flight model tweaks

03-05-17 Maule M-7 updated with Garmin 430 standard, new cockpit lighting, and flight model tweaks

03-05-17 Twin Otter updated with Garmin 430 standard, new items on the instrument panel, flight model tweaks, and improved compability for v11

03-04-17 Noorduyn Norseman updated with Garmin 430 standard, Yoke board now optional, and flight model tweaks

02-24-17 Caribou updated with new interior lighting, new Garmin 430 with pop-up, and flight model tweaks

02-24-17 DoubleEnder updated with adjusted oil p and oil t, new interior lighting, and some flight model tweaks. also better compatability for v11.

02-23-17 C-130H Hercules updated for better compatability for v11

02-23-17 Cessna 172N updated with new Garmin 430 and edited radio stack. Also compatibility adjustments for v11 with new interior lighting

02-23-17 Citabria updated with new object details, better panel graphic, new prop object, flight model tweaks

02-18-17 The Jet Set collection of aircraft has been updated with v10 and v11 files

02-18-17 Learjet 36 Updated with new FMS for v11, new interior lights, and minor flight model tweaks

02-18-17 Cessna Citation XLS has been updated for both v10 and v11. New FMS radios for v11, new interior lights, and minor flight model tweaks

02-16-17 Gulfstream G650 updated with new FMS radios for v11, New interior lighting, and minor flight model tweaks

02-15-17 Cessna 337 updated with a new bush model, new 3d movable parts in the cockpit, and some new liveries

04-08-16 GA8 Airvan updated with flight model tweaks, new prop object, some other 3d model enhancements, and instrument panel edits

02-27-16 The Norseman has been updated with visor object as an option for 2 more models

12-01-15 Explore Bush Pack updated with new float version for the Xplorer and updates to the float model for the Norseman

12-01-15 Norseman updated with new animation for water rudder, new tundra tires, and flight model tweaks for the float model

10-09-15 Cessna 172N updated with a new version and new parts. Also a real world POH has been included in the file.

09-18-15 Bush Xplorer 6 updated with new liveries, instrument panel edits, and minor tweaks to the 3d model

08-30-15 Bush Xplorer Float add-on updated with 4 more liveries and minor float model edits

03-15-15 Bush Xplorer updated with 4 new liveries and flight model tweaks for v10

01-21-15 Norseman updated with optional interior objects and a new livery

01-09-15 Bush Xplorer updated with 3 new radical liveries and other minor edits

12-30-14 Cessna XLS updated with a new switch to open/close the passenger door and the interior glass is now more transparent

12-07-14 Cessna 185 updated with new passengers, new user manual, new 3d controls, new liveries, flight model enhancements, and more

11-24-14 Cessna 404 Titan updated with new passengers, new liveries, new parts, new panel edits, new flight model edits, and much more

11-03-14 Twin Otter updated with new ski version, new cargo version, new overhead panel, new GPU, and much more

10-23-14 C-130 Updated with a new 910th livery and long range fuel tanks added

10-14-14 C-130 Updated with 3 new versions and new liveries.

09-30-14 2D 10 Pack is now 2D 12 Pack. 2 new aircraft have been added. the G100 Astra and the Commander 114 TC

09-17-14 C-130 Hercules updated with better 3d controls and new texture mapping. Please see the blank gray livery for labels on new texture assignments

08-12-14 Maule M-7 updated with a new version to fly and new vortex generators added to all models

08-08-14 Cessna 208B Caravan updated with new user manual, new livery, new 3d controls, and more

08-06-14 Cessna XLS updated with new 3d controls, annunciator light Door Open, and new Shift F1 command to open/close the passenger door

07-28-14 Piper Super Cub updated with new parts, liveries, new manual, new checklist, and much more

06-20-14 Zodiac 601 XL updated with 2 new versions, new liveries, new working canopy, more detail parts, flight model tweaks, new .pdf manual, new checklist, and more

06-08-14 YAK 52 updated with 2 more liveries added

06-05-14 YAK 52 updated with a new livery and a new tip tank version




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