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09-14-14 Our first ever screenshot contest is in effect at the Forum. Deadline is Oct. 31,2014. The winner will be announced the first week of November and gets choice of any X-hangar aircraft.

09-14-14 The Support Forum is now active and ready for your reading and posting. We plan to post all information on updates and new products at the forum instead of the front of this website. This way more screen shots can be added and viewed full size. And it is easier to follow along. A new poll has been added and ready for your voting.

09-13-14 We have added a new Forum icon above. The new forum should be active in a day or 2. Once it is active feel free to register and post. We will be adding things to this on a daily basis. This is a good way for you to voice your comments and suggestions, post screen shots, follow along as we build new projects, and much more. Glad to add this to our website and we hope to see you there soon.

09-13-14 We have started a Facebook page! Material will be added daily. Post us a message if you would like. Please Like our page. Thanks for visiting.

09-12-14 The Twin Otter takes on a new livery, tow bar, and tie down straps. The new update is scheduled to be completed in about 3 or 4 weeks. Stay tuned ...

08-27-14 Restore link has been added! Purchasing this item will save you from having to repurchase aircraft. Purchase this item only for links you need restored. This will only work for aircraft you have purchased within the past 4 years. You can log into your account here at the store to see which links you have available and which ones have expired. Once purchase is made of this item you can email your request to

08-26-14 The Free Update Policy has been extended to 4 years for all purchases from this date and beyond from the store! When you purchase aircraft at you now have 4 years of download service. This is very beneficial for updates to aircraft as they occur. Please limit your download attempts to a minimum. You are limited to 12 download attempts. For more information you can review the Terms and Conditions page above.

08-25-14 The Twin Otter is in the hangar for many improvements. Some of the improvements include a completely new fuselage with ALL opening doors and new 3d windows. New ski version planned. New liveries planned. And more. Stay tuned ...

08-12-14 The Maule M-7 has been updated with a new version to fly.

08-08-14 The Cessna Caravan has been updated!The new update includes a new user manual, new 3d controls, new livery, and other misc edits.

08-06-14 The Cessna XLS has been updated with new 3d controls. These are throttle handles and flap handle. Also a new annunciator light has been added to indicate Open Door. A new command Shift F1 is used to open and close the passenger door.

07-28-14 We are still getting requests for 2D aircraft so we decided to develop a 10 Pack of 2D aircraft. These are our top sellers. The aircraft when bought in this package are $1.50 each. Glad we can make these available once again.

07-28-14 The Piper Super Cub update is here! There are many improvements added including better tundra version, new opening door and windows, new user manual in .pdf format, more liveries added, better instrument panel, new 3d cockpit controls, and more. Enjoy the new update.

07-25-14 Someone's been out gettin dirty!

07-19-14 The Piper Super Cub is in the hangar for many updates. Some of these improvements are new opening door and windows, new floats, new tundra package, new belly tank, new instrument panel layout, new parts, and more. Expect this free update in a couple weeks.

07-13-14 The MAULE M-7 235B is HERE! This is a brand new build from the ground up for v9 and v10. Included are a detailed 3D cockpit, 3 vairiant models to fly, multiple liveries, and much more. This is a great plane for the bush flying. The price is currently set for an introductory offer and wont last long. Enjoy the flying!

07-05-14 The 2d Aircraft category has been eliminated from the store. Some of these aircraft may be re-developed with 3d cockpits and placed back into our inventory in the future. We will continue to support these eventhough they are no longer for sale here at the store. If you notice any issues with any aircraft in general just give us a shout. We appreciate all your feedback as always. We are continuing our development of updates. Look for more of these in the near future.

06-20-14 The Zodiac 601 XL has been updated! There are many improvements added in this update. The improvements include 2 new versions added, a new working canopy, more detail parts, a new user manual, a new checklist, new liveries, flight model adjustments, and more. This is a versitle aircraft. You can even enjoy aerobatics. Enjoy the new update!

06-12-14 Zodiac 601XL takes on new paint and more ...

06-11-14 The Zodiac 601 is in the hangar for some updates/upgrades. A new opening canopy, tail dragger version, new liveries, and more are in the works. stay tuned...

06-08-14 The Yak 52 has been updated with 2 more iveries. The total for liveries is now 10! Enjoy the new paint!

06-05-14 The Yak 52 is on sale at an introductory offer. Also a new livery and a new version has been added! Another version is planned for the near future. I'm so excited working on this plane. This is truely one of my all time favorites and i'm glad to bring it to X-Plane. Enjoy!

06-03-14 The YAK 52 is here! This is an all new build for v9 and v10. 3D cockpit included and much more. Fly 2 different model configurations. Multiple liveries and animated parts. Manual included. Enjoy the stick and rudder flying!

05-29-14 The C-130 Hercules, Gulfstream G650, DHC-6 Twin Otter, and the Learjet 36 have been updated. These are free updates and can be downloaded with links shown when you log into your account at the store here. If you have purchased any of these aircraft within 2 years and do not see a link give us an email. A log is kept at the Updates page above of recent updates. Enjoy the update.

05-25-14 Got GPU? Learjet takes on another livery and more ...

05-23-14 The Learjet 36 is in the hangar getting updates and upgrades. A new working door has been added along with detail parts. A better interior is planned and more. Stay tuned...

05-20-14 Another livery and more in the works for the C-130

05-15-14 Still undergoing updates the C-130 takes on a new load and more.

05-12-14 The C-130 gets even more updates including a new working door.

05-09-14 The C-130 Hercules is in the hangar for some updating. We have been working on a framerate gain, new night lighting, and some other odds and ends. We have had much succes with the framerate gain. The main culprit was the external camera display on the copilots panel. We have elininated it. We are now experiencing around 60 FPS in v9 and v10. Our test system is about 4 years old and our rendering settings are extreme res. Expect the free update soon.

04-24-14 The GA8 AIRVAN update is uploaded. Now included in the file are a new Amphibian model and a total of 13 liveries. Also a nice manual is inluded to help plan your flights and familarize yourself with the aircraft

04-22-14 And more work on the GA8 Airvan continues with a new Float version.

04-15-14 The GA8 AIRVAN is here! This is a brand new build for v9 and v10 that includes a 3D Cockpit. There are 3 different verions to fly and 8 different liveries including a blank to make your own. Enjoy the 8 passenger aircraft!


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