American Champion Aircraft Scout 

Includes 4 different versions to fly including tundra models

Fly steam or glass instruments


Package includes 9 Interchangeable liveries. A blank livery is included to make your own.

For use with regular and wide aspect monitors.

This is a brand new build from the ground up with a POH.  You have your choice of interior viewing with panning a detailed virtual cockpit or you can use switching from the keyboard or joystick for viewing.

No extra artwork needed to add or exchange instruments.


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Easy to read instrument panels


Detailed custom panel with easy to read instruments. Moving parts included. All regions are clickable.

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Nicely detailed Virtual Cockpit Included


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4 Different models:

Scout 180HP and Scout 180HP with Tundra tires

Denali 210HP and Denali 210HP with Tundra tires

General characteristics Scout 180HP

Powerplant Lycoming O-360-C1G
Horse Power @ RPM 180 @ 2700 rpm
Recommended Engine TBO 2000 hours
Propeller Constant Speed Hartzell, HC-C2YR-1BF/FC7666A
Propeller Diameter 76 in.
Length 23.0 ft.
Height 8' 7"
Wingspan 36' 2"
Wing Area 180 sq. ft.
Wing Loading 11.9 lb. / sq. ft.
Power Loading 11.9 lb. / HP
Seats 2, Tandem
Cabin Length 8 ft. 10 in.
Cabin Width 2 ft. 6 in.
Cabin Height 3 ft. 11 in.
Empty Weight (typical) 1400 lbs.
Maximum Gross Weight 2150 lbs.
Useful Load 750 lbs.
Payload with Full Fuel 540 lbs.
Fuel Capacity, Standard 36 gal. (35 gal. Usable)
Fuel Capacity, Optional Fuel Tanks 72 gal. (70 gal. Usable)
Oil Capacity 8 quarts
Baggage Capacity 100 lbs. (10.4 cubic feet)
Baggage Capacity (Extended) 30 lb (3.6 cubic feet)
Takeoff Distance, Ground Roll 417 ft.
Takeoff Distance Over 50-ft Obstacle 697 ft.
Maximum Demonstrated Crosswind Component 15 kts.
Rate of Climb, Sea Level 1075 fpm
Maximum Level Speed, Sea Level 140 mph
Cruise Speed / Endurance with 45 Minute Reserve @ 75% Power (Optional Fuel Tanks) 
130 mph / 2.7 hours
Fuel Consumption @ Altitude 10.3 gph @ 5000 ft.
Cruise Speed / Endurance with 45 Minute Reserve @ 55% Power (Optional Fuel Tanks) 
112 mph / 3.8 hours
Fuel Consumption @ Altitude 7.7 gph @ 5000 ft.
Service Ceiling 17000 ft.
Landing Distance over 50-ft. Obstacle 887 ft.
Landing Distance, Ground Roll 423 ft.
Limited and Recommended Airspeeds:
VX (Best Angle) 61 mph
VY (Best Rate) 76 mph
VA (Design Maneuvering) 118 mph
VF (Maximum Flap Speed) 102 mph
VNO (Maximum Structural Cruising) 133 mph
VNE (Never Exceed) 166 mph
VR (Rotation, 14 flaps) 50 mph
VS1 (Stall, Clean) 54 mph
VS0 (Stall, Full Flaps) 45 mph


General characteristics Denali 210HP

Powerplant Lycoming IO-390-A1B6 (210 hp)
Recommended TBO 2000 hr
Propeller MTV-15-B/203-58 (80 in)
Length 23 ft
Height 8 ft 7 in
Wingspan 36 ft 2 in
Wing area 180 sq ft
Wing loading 11.9 lb/sq ft
Power loading 10.2 lb/hp
Seats 2, tandem
Cabin length 8 ft 10 in
Cabin width 2 ft 6 in
Cabin height 3 ft 11 in
Empty weight 1420 lb
Maximum gross weight 2150 lb
Useful load 730 lb
Payload w/full fuel 520 lb
Fuel capacity, std 36 gal (35 gal usable)
216 lb (210 lb usable)
Fuel capacity w/opt tanks 72 gal (70 gal usable)
432 lb (420 lb usable)
Baggage capacity, std 100 lb, 10.4 cu ft
Bggage capacity, extended 30 lb, 3.6 cu ft

Takeoff distance, ground roll 388 ft
Takeoff distance over 50-ft obstacle 708 ft
Maximum demonstrated crosswind component 15 kt
Rate of climb, sea level 1428 fpm
Maximum level speed, sea level 150 mph TAS
Cruise speed, 6000ft 136 mph TAS
72 lb/hr / 12.0 gph (75% power, best power)
126 mph TAS
50 lb/hr / 8.3 gph (65% power, best economy)
115 mph TAS
43 lb/hr / 7.2 gph (55% power, best economy)
Maximum operating altitude 17500 ft
Service ceiling 17500 ft
Landing distance over 50-ft obstacle 816 ft
Landing distance, ground roll 408 ft

Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds 
VX (best angle of climb) 56 mph IAS
VY (best rate of climb) 82 mph IAS
VA (design maneuvering) 118 mph IAS
VFE (max flap extended) 102 mph IAS
VNO (max structural cruising) 133 mph IAS
VNE (never exceed) 166 mph IAS
VR (rotation) 50 mph IAS
VS1 (stall, clean) 54 mph IAS
VSO (stall, in landing configuration) 45 mph IAS


Features Include:

  • Detailed virtual cockpit with smooth scrolling
  • Pilot figure
  • 4 separate models to fly
  • Easy to read panels
  • Checklist.txt to use in the sim  
  • Built outside of Planemaker for more detail
  • 9 liveries
  • Many detail parts
  • Custom airfoils
  • Built with a POH from the ground up



Notes:    The virtual cockpit is lower in polygon usage to insure good frame rates and still contains nice detail. The instrument panel is designed for easy reading of instruments and reflects the real panel in layout. 



The values found flying in the sim should compare within 5% tolerance of real values.



Download File size < 16MB



Enjoy the flying